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ZWAP = Zwifters Against Parkinson´s disease

ZWAP started as an online cycling club for people with Parkinson´s disease in 2022, organizing exercises through the digital training platform ZWIFT. On World Parkinson´s day (11 April) in 2023 the first global ZWAP session on ZWIFT was arranged, and in June ZWAP members were part of a team cycling 1600 km to the World Parkinson congress in Barcelona.

Now almost every day of the week, ZWAP members run organized exercises on ZWIFT.

ZWAP's vision is for everybody with Parkinson´s disease to participate in cycling, because science has proven it's good for us.

We work with different partners and through different projects globally to achieve this vision.

ZWAP's purpose is to promote cycling as an activity for people with Parkinson's disease


We facilitate indoor cycling by arranging regular online cycling sessions, enabling more people with Parkinson´s to start indoor cycling.

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Members of ZWAP regularly participate in or arrange major cycling events, creating awareness about Parkinson´s and the brilliant thing about indoor cycling for people with Parkinson´s

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Digital indoor biking is good for you, 100% safe, social and easily accessible when you get the equipment setup right. We provide the information and help you to get started.

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Support our community, vision and the fight against Parkinson´s by registering as a member. Anyone can become a member, even only to support our work. Membership is totally free.

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Most days of the week we have ZWIFT meetups and workouts, cycling together online. All training sessions are carried out with the option of taking part in a Zoom-based video chat. Open for everybody who relates to Parkinson’s.

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Help us build the ZWAP cycling club community. Like our Facebook page, tell your network about this webpage and contact us if you have any ideas for partnerships etc.

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